Praise Report: Protected from COVID-19 After Declaring Psalm 91

Last month, four of my colleagues and I attended a business meeting. About two weeks later, we were informed that two attendees at the meeting had contracted the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

We were assured that the two attendees were seated far away from us. I did not think much about it since I did not experience any symptoms and fourteen days had passed.

The next day, we received news that one of the colleagues who was with us at the business meeting, returned to work after being away for Chinese New Year. He was observed to be very sick, and was coughing and running a temperature. But he continued to report for work at another worksite. He was then asked to leave in the afternoon, and go to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) to be tested for COVID-19.

That same evening, the rest of us who were at the same business meeting with him were asked to go for the tests as well. That day, we were cleared to go home, but the colleague who was sick remained for further testing. Eventually, he tested positive for COVID-19.

Contact tracing was carried out, and three other colleagues who had close contact with him were put on quarantine order. More than thirty colleagues who worked in the same building with him on that day were put on leave of absence for two weeks. I was also required to work from home as part of the measures taken by the company.

During this time, fear crept into my heart as I kept hearing about new cases in Singapore each day. I also started to get paranoid. So, I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons and also read his book Eat Your Way To Life And Health again. I also prayed that my colleague who was tested positive would be the last person from the business meeting to be infected. I also claimed the promises of Psalm 91 over me and my family.

Eighteen days later, my family and I remained healthy, and none of us came down with the virus. God is truly our protector!

Anonymous | Singapore

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