Praise Report: Protected From Category Four Hurricane Mathew

On October 6, 2016, Hurricane Mathew threatened the Florida coast where I live. It was a category four hurricane that could cause catastrophic damage to property, power outages, water shortages, and loss of lives.

Being a Floridian for more than twenty-five years, I had flashbacks of the storms in 2004 where I had lost part of my roof, power, and cable. I just could not imagine going through that again.

But that same day on October 6, I saw Joseph Prince Ministries’ post on Facebook about God’s peace in the midst of a storm. For me, that storm was literal. I prayed and asked Him to shelter us under His wings as in Psalm 91. As I watched the news about Hurricane Mathew hitting the coast, I held fast to God’s promise to protect me, my loved ones, and our homes.

Later, the news reported a change—the hurricane had changed its course just as it approached my county. Because of that, my home remained in the blue zone (safe zone) of the hurricane radar. It was as if the heavy winds and rains went around my community instead of right through it!

Today, I am happy to report that my family and I are all safe with no damage to our homes, community, power supply, cables, or phone lines. Praise God! I have been following Joseph Prince Ministries for eight years and listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons daily. Thank you for sharing the Word of God and posting regularly on social media to encourage people like me.

Kim Johnson | Florida, United States

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