Praise Report: Protected from Boat Accident, Son’s Home Undamaged by Flood

I want to share a testimony about God’s protection during a time when I was listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings on Psalm 91.

My husband and I had gotten away for the weekend to a lake that was about an hour from our home. We were enjoying a special evening together and had taken the boat to a nearby restaurant on the water. After a lovely dinner, we began our boat ride back under a beautiful moonlit and star-filled sky.

I was totally mesmerized by the moon’s reflection on the water and completely caught up in God’s peaceful presence when all of a sudden, I heard yelling. I looked up just in time to see my husband quickly turning the steering wheel of our boat and barely missing a head-on collision with another boat.

We were just a second or two away from disaster, but God had other plans. He not only kept us from hitting the other boat but He kept me in perfect peace. The reality of what could have happened was powerless to penetrate the peace I was enjoying with God. There was no “recovery” needed. I was so caught up in God’s peace and presence that even a near disaster had no effect on me.

The next morning after our boat incident, I also learned from our adult son that there had been a heavy rainstorm during the night back at his home, and it had caused severe flooding in his neighborhood. He said, “Mom, my house was one of those on the street that was not damaged by the flooding.” He shared this with me with such gratitude and humility, and with compassion for his neighbors. He said he knew it was only because God had protected his home.

I believe there are times God protects us and we are not even aware of it, but this was different. There was no doubt God had delivered us all from danger and kept us from harm.

I would also like to share that there have been numerous times over the years that I have experienced victory over physical symptoms and anxieties by just spending time hearing God’s Word through Pastor Prince. I praise God for leading me to hear Pastor Prince teach on not trying to fight the fears or symptoms, but to simply spend time with the Lord and let His Word heal and deliver us.

I also thank God for what He has taught me about the Holy Communion through Pastor Prince. It is not just for receiving healing, but is also God’s provision to walk in divine health. I can boldly share that because of hearing the Word, partaking of the Communion, and learning the power of praying in tongues, I have experienced God’s supernatural provision and supply time and time again for whatever the need might be.

I just love that Pastor Prince teaches how practical it is to spend time with Jesus no matter what the need may be. The answer is always Jesus!

Anonymous | South Carolina, United States


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