Praise Report: Protected From Armed Robbery

At 3:30am on the morning of January 24, I woke up suddenly and could not go back to sleep. There was a gnawing feeling of fear in my mind. I felt in my spirit a sense of loss, like I had lost something of great importance to me. I kept rebuking this fear, casting down this imagination but I just could not shake it off. I knew that I had to fill my mind with the Word but I did not know what to scripture to meditate on.

Right at that moment, I had this idea to go on YouTube and watch an excerpt of one of your messages. When scrolling down the list, I found the one dealing with divine protection and I joined in the proclamation of Psalm 91.

The anointing was so strong that I was instantly at peace and I returned to bed.

Less than three minutes later, I heard the sound of something crashing hard onto the floor of my room. Startled, I wondered what could be knocking things over since I lived alone. To my shock, it was a big bottle which had landed right next to my bed. At that same moment, I looked over and saw the silhouette of a hooded man standing by the window. He was pointing a gun at me. He had torn a hole in the protective iron netting that was securing my window, thrown the bottle into the room to get my attention, and was now motioning with his gun for me to open the door to let him in.

When I realized what was happening, I was terrified. There was another lady who lived alone and who had been raped and I was afraid that the same would happen to me. In the fear, my mind went blank, but instantly, the well within me burst open and I shouted, “The blood of Jesus,” and began praying in tongues.

The would-be robber stood transfixed. He was so still, it was unnerving. At the end, I said, “In Jesus’ name,” and the robber responded, “Amen,” shut my curtains, and left.

This was nothing short of a miracle and to top it off, I was not traumatized after this event. I have slept soundly every night since.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for this great message of grace that you bring.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Nigeria


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