Praise Report: Protected From Accidents On Sea And In Air

The Lord has blessed me through the ministry of Joseph Prince. One such blessing is his teaching on Psalm 91. I have been putting what I have learned from that teaching into practice and have been believing God for His protection over my family.

Recently, I was enjoying a moonlit ride with my husband on our boat. I was relaxing, enjoying the moonlight on the water when suddenly, I heard yelling.

I looked up just in time to see my husband swerve and miss another boat that had been travelling head-on at us at high speed. It was a very near miss! But not only did God protect us, He kept me in perfect peace and I had no fear!

There was another time when we were scheduled to leave Nantucket Island for Boston on a small plane, holding at most fifteen passengers. The weather in Boston had been rainy and stormy and our flight was delayed.

In the plane, rain water was even dripping onto the lady seated next to me. When we were finally cleared for take-off, everyone was nervous. It was less than ideal circumstances to say the least.

Then, lightning began to strike. Here I was in the middle of three situations that were, at one time in my life, my biggest fears—flying, lightning, and flying over the ocean.

But the awesome thing is, not only did God give us a safe journey, He gave me supernatural peace in the midst of such a tough situation.

I was even able to laugh about it and be a comfort to those around me who were nervous. It certainly was a gift of His peace that passes all understanding!

Finally, I am hearing the true gospel of grace after many years of struggling and it has changed my life in many ways. Pastor Prince, your teaching on the Holy Communion has also led me to be walking in divine health after years of suffering from different illnesses.

I understand now that my inheritance as a believer in Jesus includes a life of health and wholeness and I am walking in it.

The Lord has indeed prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies and has set His hand of protection over my family!

Praise God for the gift of His Son and the victory that He has won for us! Praise God for Pastor Prince, his precious family, ministry, and all the members of his church.

Be encouraged and know that you are making a huge difference in the world for Jesus’ sake! Blessings, love, and peace be upon you all.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | South Carolina, United States

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