Praise Report: Protected From A Falling Tree While Driving

Before I drive, I always make it a point to pray for protection. On March 31, 2012, I did as usual before started driving toward the city. This was shortly after a big thunderstorm.

Heavy traffic had built up at a major traffic junction. I was stuck in the traffic and the cars were inching forward. Like many motorists, I got impatient and tried to squeeze ahead. But when I was just approaching the junction, the traffic light turned red. I was disappointed I had not moved as far as I had hoped to.

Then, I heard a strange sound of something cracking and a huge old tree, which was about thirty meters tall, fell very quickly right before my eyes. It hit the roof of the car immediately in front of me. Because of the huge impact, the tree created a dent in the roof of the car and shattered the rear windscreen.

I was shocked as it had happened right in front of me. By God’s grace, the tree had fallen on a part of the car where no one was seated. I thanked God that the driver of the car emerged unscathed.

Needless to say, I was very grateful to God when I realized that He had placed me at the right place and at the right time so that I wasn’t hurt.

This incident further strengthened my faith in the power of Jesus’ blood for divine protection over my family and me. It also gave me a stronger sense of His love for us. Even after driving for more than ten years now, I still depend on His grace and always say a short prayer before I start driving because I know that I cannot depend on my own flesh and efforts to be accident-free, safe, and healthy.

I am very thankful to Jesus for His divine protection. Without His wings of protection over me, I may not even be alive today. Thank You, Jesus. To You be the glory!

Sachel | Singapore

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