Praise Report: Prostate-specific Antigen Level Drops After Praying in Tongues and Receiving Communion

At a medical check-up five months ago, I was informed that my prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level was high and this indicated that I might have prostate cancer. Eventually, the doctor confirmed the diagnosis and I had to seek treatment for the cancer.

During a family gathering, I shared about this challenge that I was facing. My relatives, who are attending New Creation Church [in Singapore], reminded me to look at Jesus’ finished work on the cross, and also to partake of the holy Communion.

They further encouraged me to visit New Creation Church’s website and read the testimonies posted there, and to listen to Pastor Prince’s and Pastor Mark’s sermons. I was also introduced to the devotional, The Healing Power of the Holy Communion.

During a medical review last month, the doctor was surprised that my PSA level had dropped to a normal range which was even better than a healthy individual! He even asked me what I had been doing and I told him that I had been partaking of the holy Communion and praying in tongues.

After listening to Pastor Prince’s messages, I’ve encountered the Lord’s grace, rest, and healing!

Anonymous | Singapore

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