Praise Report: Physical and Mental Well-Being Restored

For several months I dealt with severe fatigue, daily headaches, depression, as well as heaviness and numbness in my arms. One night, I had difficulty sleeping and woke up a few times with my arms feeling heavy and my legs starting to go numb.I was scared and I woke my husband up. We discussed going to the emergency room (ER) for help, but I knew that if we went to the ER, it would cost us several thousand dollars. I also contemplated how going to the ER would mean I’d to miss the precious activities I’d already planned to do with my children in the days ahead.

Finally, I asked my husband, Tim, to put on Joseph Prince’s daily broadcast. I knew by God’s grace that I needed to hear the Word. I sat on the recliner listening while Tim began falling asleep on the couch next to me. I honestly do not remember what Pastor Prince was preaching about but about halfway through the program I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit in my heart say, “You keep running to doctors to make you well, you keep waiting for the prayers of others to make you well. Why don’t you take authority yourself and speak to this mountain?”

It hit me like a lightening bolt. Yes, that was exactly what I had been doing. I didn’t even realize it. I had multiple friends praying for me to get better. I had been spending hours every day researching my condition, trying to find a doctor that could help me get well.

So I picked up my Bible and started reading and speaking the truth to my body. I made a decision in my spirit to take control of my body and bind the enemy. We then headed back to bed and I slept through until the alarm went off!

The amazing thing is that my emotions are completely back to normal. I feel complete again with no numbness in my arms and legs. I feel happy and joyful again! Yay! My energy is amazing and all the fatigue is gone.

My husband and I are so grateful to Pastor Prince for his obedience in preaching the beautiful gospel of grace!

Charity Stroupe | South Carolina, United States

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  • Liz-Mare' says:

    This morning I realy needed this message, thank you. It’s been so long now that I live in fear and distress, feeling alone, thrown away, trying to cope financially, but I praise our heavenly Father, I know that He will bring me out of this dessert! He Will move this mountain that’s too big for me.
    Thank you for your message of hope an grace.

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