Praise Report: Passed Medical Exam By His Grace

I recently passed my post-graduate medical examinations for the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom. The examination is divided into three parts and for the past two years, I failed the final part four times. I thought I would never pass the examination despite receiving commendations that I would make a good doctor.

However, when I heard Joseph Prince’s new year message declaring that 2015 is the year of His restoration, I decided to attempt the examination again, believing that this would be the year for me to finally pass this examination.

I registered again for the examination but I really had no drive to study hard for it. I was too ashamed to tell anyone I was still preparing for an examination that I should have passed two years ago. I studied when I could and decided to rest in the Lord concerning the examination, committing everything about it into His able hands.

I was not worried about failing again and I had peace in my heart up until the day of the examination and even after sitting for it. I did not find the examination particularly easy. But through the faithfulness and grace of God, I passed the examination. That reproach has been removed from me.

I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for His faithfulness and grace. Amen!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | United Kingdom

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