Praise Report: Parents’ Swift Recovery from COVID-19

My elderly mom and dad both tested positive for COVID-19. They had been feeling poorly for a few days and decided to get tested. I don’t live close to them but my sister e-mailed to let me know. My dad has had heart problems in the past and currently has a pacemaker.

The Lord has been speaking to me through Pastor Prince’s ministry for several years and for the past few months, the Lord led me to partake of the holy Communion daily. Several days prior to receiving the news about my parents, whenever I partook of the holy Communion, I felt impressed to proclaim healing for my parents as well. When I heard the news, I felt peace instead of fear as I knew the Lord was working in their situation already. My sister mentioned that our parents’ symptoms had been mild so far.

Upon hearing from my sister, I partook of the holy Communion for my parents, and pictured Jesus with the COVID-19 virus on His body. I knew He had already taken it on His body for them at the cross, and I cursed the virus in Jesus’ name. Then, I rested in God’s grace and actually lay down to take a nap.

When I woke up, I felt the Lord bring 2 scriptures to my remembrance. One was Mark 11 where Jesus cursed the fig tree but the disciples didn’t see it withered until the next day. The other was Mark 8 where Jesus healed the centurion’s servant from a distance. I felt the Lord speaking to my spirit that my parents’ healing would manifest the next day. I didn’t mention this to my parents.

The next day, my mom told me that she woke up at 3am and felt normal. She was so relieved when my dad woke up in the morning and was also feeling so much better. They were both completely healed with all their symptoms gone! Then I shared with her what the Lord had spoken to me.

To my Lord Jesus be all the glory, honor, and praise for He truly took all our sicknesses and bore all our pains on His body on the cross. Thank You, Jesus!

Anonymous | Virginia, United States

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