Praise Report: Offered New Job 2 Days After Being Laid Off

Earlier this year, I had been told by my supervisor that the company had to let me go because the firm was struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They needed to cut costs and unfortunately that involved the removal of my role. Just like that, I was let go the following day.

It felt surreal as I had been a good performer in the company and was supposed to be promoted this year. First, I was upset. Then came the worry, What would I do now? I felt anxious and could not sleep the entire night following the call with my supervisor.

I began looking for a new job immediately. In the natural, it seemed like a big challenge due to the economic downturn. But I knew my God works in mysterious ways and that I stood on victory ground regardless of my feelings, situation, or what the newspapers said. I declared over myself, Because Jesus is my shepherd, I shall not lack a job!

I held fast to who God says I am—the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. The more I focused on God’s Word, the calmer I became. I told myself to let go and let God and meditated on His promises.

Two days later, I secured a new job! It was nothing short of a miracle. I was contacting people to inform them I was looking for a job. Suddenly, I felt a nudge in my spirit to message a business owner I knew. Turns out, he had been looking to fill a director-level position in his company. After a meeting and a call, I got the job. Praise the Lord!

When I told my friends, they were shocked. It was so unbelievable, it could only be the Lord Almighty. It is a good job with lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

How wonderful and awesome is my God? To Him be all the glory!

Anonymous | Singapore

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