Praise Report: Offered Competitive Position Despite Missing Phone Interview

I heard Pastor Prince preach that life’s successes are all about Jesus—to glorify Him and point people to Him. As we remember this, we can truly depend on His grace instead of our perfect performance for blessings.

I decided to practice this when applying for a competitive consulting position. Before my phone interview, I kept declaring that getting the position was all about the Lord and not me.

Unfortunately, I missed the interview because I was in a different time zone and had the schedule mixed up. Thankfully, the company was understanding and arranged for another one.

By God’s grace, I landed the job. I also found out that only eight people were selected (among many applicants) to fill the consulting positions.

I believe I had been given a second chance at this job opportunity because of the Lord’s unmerited favor in my life. I have since applied this belief to other career-related challenges and have seen breakthroughs.


The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Illinois, United States

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