Praise Report: No Signs Of Infection And Decreased Pain After Communion

Last week, after battling what I thought was indigestion for nearly three weeks, I ended up in a hospital on Saturday with a serious kidney problem. So I spent the weekend in the hospital and on Monday I was released, but I had to come back each morning for treatment via an IV.

Yesterday, my concerned doctor insisted that I see a specialist immediately. He finagled an appointment for today. I was in agony, sitting, standing and laying down as nothing brought comfort to me. I was fighting fever and chills due to an infection as well as a very swollen kidney.

Last night, a couple from my church came to visit me with your book, Health and Wholeness Through The Holy Communion, we prayed together and we took the Holy Communion together. I felt the love of Christ like never before. Today, I pulled myself from my drugged sleep only to find that the pain had lessened.

I went with a friend to Sioux Falls about 20 miles away to see the specialist. We decided to go early and have lunch first, because for the first time in a week I felt like eating.

When we got to the specialist, there was no sign of infection and the pain was down to a dull ache. He said that there was no reason for me to be there, and that I should go home and return only if the pain returned.

Your guidance shed the light on the right path and I am ever so thankful for you.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | South Dakota, United States

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