Praise Report: No More Tooth Issues

I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour in 2013. After I got saved, I was introduced to Pastor Prince’s sermons, but it was only at the start of this year when I began tuning in to New Creation Church’s services every week.

In the month of June, I started having tooth decay. I visited the dentist, but later realised that the dental procedure that was done on me did not go well. I was feeling very uncomfortable, and went back for another procedure with the dentist, during which I bled.

As I was heading back home from the dental clinic, I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermon. At the end of his sermon, he prayed for those with tooth issues. He even mentioned the exact area in which I bled during the dental procedure.

I knew at that moment that the prayer was for me and received it for myself. Tears rolled down my eyes as I realised how loving the Lord is towards me. Since then, there have been no more issues with my teeth. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous | India

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