Praise Report: No More Struggling To Please God

I am twenty-nine years old and have been a Christian for over twenty years. However, I knew nothing about the grace of God and only learned about His laws. I thought that performing good deeds for God made me holy and righteous, and didn’t know what I was missing out on.

Needless to say, I always felt I wasn’t good enough for God. Anytime I sinned or did something wrong, I would feel so ashamed and not speak to God for weeks. At the same time, I struggled to understand life and Christianity.

Then, I heard about Pastor Prince from my father who had experienced a turnaround in his life after he encountered the gospel of grace. For several months, he urged me to read Pastor Prince’s books and watch his television broadcasts, but I ignored him. This was because I had heard negative things about preachers of grace.

During this time, I continued to struggle to please God and life became difficult. I became depressed and questioned the meaning and value of life. I even reached a point where I didn’t want to hear anything about God or go to church.

Despite how I felt, I prayed and poured out my heart toward God one day. I cried out to Him on my bedroom floor, asking Him to help me understand life, my purpose in it, and how to get closer to Him. I told Him there must be more to my relationship with Him and that I needed answers.

Several weeks after, during a late night, I prayed and felt an overwhelming sense of God’s love. It completely filled my heart and mind, and I felt joyful and at peace. Then God told me that serving Him is not difficult and life did not have to be as hard as I thought. He also told me that loving Him is easy.

That same night, I felt led to research on Pastor Prince’s resources and teachings. As I began to read and listen to them, I started to understand life and God’s grace. I also learned that pleasing God is as simple as allowing Him to love me, instead of trying to love Him through my self-efforts.

Today, I am more joyful than ever and I am experiencing a fulfilling and peaceful life filled with God’s grace. I don’t go a day without reading Pastor Prince’s devotionals and would share the grace gospel with everyone I come in contact with.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your courage in preaching the life-changing gospel. And thank You, Jesus, for all that You have done!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Trinidad and Tobago

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