Praise Report: No More Panic Attacks, Free of Xanax Dependency

I’ve had very bad panic and anxiety attacks since I was about twelve or thirteen years old. When I was fourteen, I was put on Xanax, a narcotic pill that is very addictive.Through all those years, I prayed and believed God could heal me. But I was very fearful of God. I was told that I would be sorry on judgment day because of all my sins. So I stayed away from church.

I first heard God speak to me at the age of thirty-one. At that time, I had fearful thoughts and suffered chest pains and dizziness. I was so scared to travel I did not leave my house for about a year. I felt like the man in the Bible who cut himself and hid among the tombs. It was a scary time for me.

God told me countless times to listen to Joseph Prince. Finally, I searched for him online and started listening to his sermons, which left me speechless and crying. I had never heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

I heard a clip of his sermon on the Holy Communion. As I said, I was on Xanax for anxiety. God spoke to me on how to receive the Communion in place of taking Xanax. I did not come off Xanax right away. It took about a year and a half. I would cut off some of the pill and partake of the Communion daily, declaring, “As Your brain is, so is mine in this world.” Now I am thirty-four with no more panic attacks and have been free of Xanax for two years. All glory to Jesus! I also started going to church with my wife and children.

One day before church, my left testicle hurt so badly I went to the emergency room. They checked me and said it was a cyst. Before surgery I asked my wife to get me some crackers and juice from the hospital cafeteria. I told her that we were going to receive the Communion and believe in faith that the cyst would disappear supernaturally. I did not want doctors cutting my testicles.

So we partook of the Communion while waiting for the doctors to come and get me for surgery. When the doctors came, I requested that they check me again. And I thank my Abba that they found nothing. The cyst was gone!

My family and I watch Joseph Prince on The WORD Network every morning, and we love to partake of the Communion after listening to the sermon. I have also seen many of my family and friends changed because of Joseph Prince’s teachings that I share with them. May God bless him more and more every day and in every way!

Joel Aranda | New Mexico, United States

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  • Diane says:

    Thank God for the testimony of others, so that is what the bible says, I have pain in my right leg and hip.MRI’s found nothing, yet I’m in pain, don’t want surgery, or to take these drugs Please come in agreement with me for healing

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