Praise Report: No More Panic Attacks And Fear After Partaking the Holy Communion

In 2014, I went through a period of anxiety, panic attacks, and fear. Shortly afterwards, I started experiencing very severe pains in my heart. I experienced so much fatigue then that there were days when just getting out of bed in the morning was very challenging for me.

I decided not to see a doctor because I knew I was going to reject his negative report anyway. Instead, I decided to trust God for my complete healing.

There were days when the enemy would shoot thoughts of fear, doubt, and death into my mind but I rejected them all. I even sent in a prayer request and asked people from my church to pray for me. But it got to the point where it felt so bad that I felt like I could collapse any minute. That was when I decided to take the Holy Communion, since I had heard so much teaching on it from Pastor Joseph Prince.

I started taking the Holy Communion several times a day for the first two weeks but there was no evident change. Doubt and fear started to set in. In order to get my mind off those thoughts, I read testimonies on healings that were experienced after believers took the Holy Communion. I was very encouraged when I read a testimony of a brother from my country who faced a challenge with his health and was healed through the Communion.

After about a month of taking the Communion, my symptoms disappeared. The many things that I could not do due to my fatigue and breathlessness, I am doing now. I want to thank God that I am absolutely healthy, without any sickness, fear, anxiety, or any trace of the curse. Indeed, His body was broken so that ours could be made whole, and His blood was shed to make us the righteousness of God.

Olive Asare | Ghana

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