Praise Report: No More Pain in Urethra

Sometime last year, the lining of my urethra and bladder was inflamed and irritated. I experienced a severe burning sensation during urination. I also urinated frequently but with only a small amount of urine each time.I was partaking of the Lord’s Supper daily following the teachings of Pastor Prince, and so I was experiencing healing thirty-fold, sixty-fold, and ninety-fold as the pain was reduced day by day.One day, I sat down to listen to Pastor Prince’s teachings and came across his message How to Be Blessed God’s Way. When the anointed animation video on the healing of the leper in Mathew 8 was played, I felt the strong presence of Jesus. I was very moved and overwhelmed when I watched Jesus reach out to the leper, hold his hand, and heal him. It was so real to me!

When Pastor Prince prayed for us and our loved ones after the video, I believed for my husband. When my husband came home, I told him how I had believed for him and prayed for him. We replayed the animation video and watched it together. The stress that was enveloping my husband melted away. After that, when I went to the toilet, I no longer felt any pain from my urethra!

Thank you very much, Pastor Prince, for allowing us who are far away to listen to your latest messages live and on Facebook. God bless you. All glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Anonymous | Belgium

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