Praise Report: No More Negative Thoughts, Confident About Future

I have been a Christian for thirteen years but struggled in my faith. I always harbored a wrong belief that I wasn’t good enough. I saw myself as a “second-class Christian” who had to earn God’s blessings.
I also strived to earn affirmation from God and others whenever I felt I had done something good.I could not help but be hard on myself. If a friend told me I led a blessed life, I would doubt it. And if anyone praised me, I would dismiss it saying they did not know me well enough.

To me, life was about God’s laws and living up to His standards. I believed that everything—from work to family duties to serving in church—had to be done perfectly. I saw no other way to earn the status of “good Christian.” In the end, I suffered from low self-esteem, lacked direction, and had a “que sera sera” attitude toward life. I came to accept life as it was and felt miserable and lonely.

However, I praise God that today, all of that is in the past!

In July last year, a friend introduced me to a sermon by Pastor Prince. In the beginning, I was merely curious if this Singaporean preacher was any good. I was not looking for anything new beyond my current knowledge of God and Christianity.

But as I listened to Pastor Prince’s teachings, I became interested to hear more and began listening to his messages almost every day. In four months, I listened to more than forty sermons! I also began to read the Bible more and meditate on verses. Who would have thought that hearing these grace messages would turn my life around in a huge way?

I felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted off me. All these years, though I confessed that Jesus is my Savior, I never truly rested in Him. I also did not understand how much I was loved, accepted, and made righteous because of His finished work. And how nothing can change that, not even my actions or performance.

Along with this new revelation, I began to experience God’s favor in every area of my life. I reconnected with friends I had left and reconciled with others. I have also learned to involve Jesus in everything I do and in my daily decision-making.

I realize that God listens and that nothing is too small for Him because He cares! With that revelation, I began making requests to God, such as helping me find a parking spot, recovering money I accidentally dropped on the street, solving difficult work problems, and so on.

On the work front, I was able to perform better in my job and thus earn more. My manager even allowed me to go on holiday twice within a span of three months. This was a great privilege! I also did not fall ill during the winter season for the first time. When I noticed the symptoms, I simply declared that by Jesus’ stripes I was healed, and the symptoms left. Isn’t this wonderful? All praise to Jesus!

I am truly grateful that God’s grace has found me and transformed my life. I am now a more joyful person able to relish God’s good opinion of me. I have also been freed from a bondage to negative thoughts and have a more confident expectation of my future.

Thank you, Pastor Prince. I pray that your teachings will reach every heart that needs to hear them. To Jesus be all the glory!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Australia

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