Praise Report: No More Heart Palpitations

I suffered from sporadic heart palpitations for many years. It was caused by a gastric problem that had affected a nerve connected to my heart. I was free of the symptoms for a short while, but then the condition returned and worsened to the point where I was having trouble sleeping.

It affected every part of my life. It was scary as I always felt like my heart could skip a beat anytime and in the process not start back up again.

To make things worse, my mother has a similar condition and my father was on heart medication until he passed away. Naturally, I started thinking that this was a hereditary condition.

All this while, I was attending a church that focused on legalistic teachings. As a result, I always felt I had to earn God’s healing for my condition. However, after listening to Pastor Prince’s messages, I realized that because of Jesus’ finished work, I am righteous and that He has qualified me for God’s healing.

So day and night I started proclaiming myself righteous and blessed by virtue of Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

I spoke healing over my condition in the name of Jesus. I also partook the Holy Communion. I even asked the Lord to help my infirmity in prayer and spoke in tongues. Yet, my condition continued to worsen.

My breakthrough finally came when God revealed to me that even though I knew I was the righteousness of God, I was still relying on doing things to acquire my healing. I had not been focusing on Jesus who had sealed my healing, health, provision, and blessings when He proclaimed, while hanging on the cross, “It is finished!”

That night, I partook Communion to commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice instead of seeing it as something I had to do to unleash God’s power.

And when I prayed, I praised God for offering up His Son and thanked God that I had been redeemed from the curse of the law and all of its consequences. I thanked God that my sins and iniquities were laid on Jesus once and for all and that by His stripes, I was healed. I started to focus on Jesus and fill my heart with praise for the rest that was mine because Jesus had won the victory for me 2,000 years ago.

In essence, I had finally come to the end of myself and what I needed to do. I went to bed after that and I fell asleep very quickly.

The very next morning, I woke up and without a doubt, I felt completely healthy and alive with no hint of the condition. I had truly been touched by the finger of God. I even noticed that my heart rate did not become abnormally high after some exercise as it had previously.

Praise God and thank You, Jesus, for Your perfect work on the cross that has set us free forever!

William Hahl | Pennsylvania, United States



  • Shelly says:

    I have had migraines since I was 9. I was also saved at 9yrs. old. I had teeth pulled, my eyes checked an did so many other things thru the yrs. to make them stop. Eventually I began taking different medications, shots, I tried everything. the worst was a diet that excluded so many foods that my weight plummeted to 80lbs. I feared I would become anerexic. So I started eating anything I wanted, migraines got worse and a multitued of more health problems made it impossible to work. I ended up on disability when my daughter was 4. At that time I lost all use of my arms an legs, ended up in a wheel chair an was in unbearable pain continually. i was a single parent an had no one but God. He was always my best friend an always took care of my needs. In this constant state of pain with breaks, your relationship with the Lord you have a very unique perspective an learn things that most healthy people might never experience. I am still in this battle going on over 30yrs. I am unable to attend church, an all the churchs taught law an I never understood Grace, so I always tried to do every by do’s and dont’s and could not understand why I was so depressed. Having my race daily was very scary, the dr. told me i was a walking stroke. I found Joseph Prince on tv, I have listened to many preachers on tv, most of what I heard left in more despair an feeling its my fault i have all these problems. Listening to Joseph on the second day, he talked about Grace and bam! I got it, Glory to God, this was what I had been missing, the entire message litterally changed my life, I Thank God for Joseph Prince an thru jis relatonship with God, THIS TRUTH has changed everything in my life. I am still in this health an mind battle an still pray for healing only now I pray differently an I expect to be healed an restored. I will write again when I am restored. Thank You an your team for everything truelly. Shelly, Az.

  • Duodu Benjamin Kwame says:

    You already are healed, Shelly. Just continue fixing your eyes on the Lord

  • Jacy says:

    You are healed Shelly, keep on praying for his grace is sufficient.

  • Jacy says:

    Thanks Shelley. You will be healed in Jesus name.

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