Praise Report: No More Headaches and Anxiety Attacks

For 3 years, I suffered from terrible headaches that lead to panic and anxiety attacks. I’ve been to many doctors and professionals, gone through multiple brain scans, MRIs, and CT scans, but doctors could not find the cause of the problem. I’ve also gone for therapy, which has been of no help.

Last year, I was on the edge of giving up my life when a friend introduced me to Pastor Prince’s healing sermons. At first, I did not listen to the videos my friend sent because I didn’t believe it would help me.

One night, I was going through a spiritual attack, hearing voices that were telling me to end my life. I believe God saved my life after I decided to listen to a healing sermon by Pastor Prince. That changed my life.

I signed up for prayer after one of the online services and the team prayed for my healing and declared that I shall not live under condemnation. Since then, I have been freed from the headaches and panic attacks.

My weapon against spiritual attacks is Pastor Prince’s book Spiritual Warfare. I read it any time I experience a spiritual attack. Even though the attacks sometimes come, I believe I have overcome the world because of the price Jesus paid on the cross.

God bless you, Pastor Prince, and thank you for changing peoples’ lives and providing us with the tools and weapons to fight the enemy.

Sampson Anim | Georgia, United States

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  • genovevo neric says:

    i had depressed i have an anxiety. I can’t control my overthinking. please help me, please pray fot me to overcome all of this

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