Praise Report: No More Fear Of Driving

Even though I’ve had my driver’s license for five years, I could not bring myself to drive. I would suffer panic attacks whenever I thought about driving and even had constant nightmares about it. Consequently, I became very dependent on others for commuting by road and felt ashamed and depressed about it.

I started listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons and discovered I could trust Jesus to help me overcome my fear. I admitted to God that I could not overcome it on my own but through His grace I could. I also confessed that the battle was no longer mine but the Lord’s, and learned to leave all my concerns at His feet.

Every morning, I would talk to the Lord and tell Him how I felt about driving. I would also thank Him for removing my fears and worries. Although it wasn’t always an easy process, I continued to trust in and practice the Lord’s presence each day.

I have been driving to and from work for over a month now, and I have seen the Lord’s grace in protecting me. I am so happy to be finally freed from the fear of driving. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your encouraging messages.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | South Africa

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