Praise Report: No More Depression and Anxiety, Sharing Past without Shame

I am a born-again believer who loves Jesus, but I was under legalistic teachings. When I first heard of Joseph Prince, I discouraged my friends who had shown interest in going for his services.

However, during my darkest time when my former marriage ended in a divorce, I sat through one of Pastor Prince’s sermon in New Creation Church [in Singapore] and tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably.

That day, I received the gospel of grace. My gracious Savior took my place of condemnation, shame, and guilt in exchange for His righteousness and freedom. My friend sent me Pastor Prince’s daily inspirations and they soothed my hurts, anguish, and rejection. Each devotional felt like a healing balm, an embrace by my heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally.

It was an uphill battle for me and I felt lonely. I dealt with painful discrimination and constantly slipped into depression and anxiety. Suicidal thoughts swarmed my mind. I couldn’t function in society as I lacked confidence. I once looked in the mirror and asked the Lord, “Who am I?”

But today, I believe and confess my righteousness in Christ Jesus. This is my identity. I wear it proudly. I built my foundation on the Word and began serving as a missionary to India. I am now remarried to a godly man who esteems me highly, and God has gifted us a baby boy.

When I felt overwhelmed by the immense stress of caring for a newborn, I read Pastor Prince’s book Live the Let-Go Life. I confessed, “Let not my heart be troubled, let it not be weary,” each time a wave of panic hit me. I rest in the arms of Jesus. Hallelujah!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. I proclaim the Lord’s grace boldly to everyone without fearing disapproval. God has been so kind to me. I share my story wholeheartedly now. The past has no sting and I have no more shame!

Rebekah Daniel | Singapore

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