Praise Report: No More Crohn’s Disease

I was hospitalized for ten days, and they discovered I had a severe case of Crohn’s disease (a type of inflammatory bowel disease). My legs were so swollen, and the pain was so bad that I could not walk. I had many painful, oozing sores. I could not eat due to the stinging pain from the sores, so my weight went from 165lb (about 75kg) to 119lb (about 54kg). I am 5ft 11in (around 1.8m) tall, so I was skin and bones. My hair and skin were dry, brittle, and discolored. I was unrecognizable, a mess! I thought I was dying.

There was no cure, and I was just given medication to help cope with the flare-ups. Although I kept confessing my healing, I didn’t seem to see results. 

Then I came across Pastor Prince’s teaching on the holy Communion and healing. I had never heard such revelations, and I couldn’t stop listening. It was like my spirit was in preparation, like soil in preparation for the seed. Once my spirit was ready for action, I began to partake of the Communion with “understanding.” I received the Communion every time I felt led to.

The miracle happened when I had a colonoscopy. The doctor said, “There is no more Crohn’s disease.” This is the same doctor who had treated me for almost two years! He knows the pain and suffering I’ve been through!

By Jesus’ stripes, I am healed! Praise to the Most High God. I shout for joy with the voice of triumph!

A sister from Florida, United States