Praise Report: No More Breast Cancer, Clean from Drug Addiction

Pastor Prince, because of your preaching of the gospel of grace, I have been set free from breast cancer!

I was listening to your sermon on my phone while waiting for my yearly mammogram. In your message, you led the congregation to place their hand on their areas of concern and pray. I immediately did that and heard you declare, “As He is, so am I in this world.”

When I got back the results, it revealed that the cancer nodule had shrunk. A year later, I went back for another mammogram and there were no more signs of cancer! I have been set free from breast cancer!

Pastor Prince, I first saw you in 2005. It was 3am and I was sitting in the living room, very high on crack cocaine, when you appeared on the television and shared the message of grace and forgiveness. At that time, I was still wondering if the message was for me.

You see, I had been married to a man who physically, mentally, and emotionally abused me, and after divorcing him, I became a prostitute and drug addict. I was so deep into that lifestyle I had to give up my girls for adoption to keep them safe. This continued for 12 years and I felt like I had no strength, no hope, and no way out.

It wasn’t until I found myself in jail crying out for help that I heard your program play again on the TV. Listening to your message reminded me there was a way out and that way was Jesus. This time, I got on my knees and prayed to Jesus to bring me to a place far away from my hometown so that I could be rooted in the right ways of living and let go of my long-term addiction.

I found the perfect sponsor for me, the One who set me free from addiction, condemnation, hopelessness, and loneliness! I have been clean and sober for more than 10 years now because of your revealing of who Jesus is in your teachings. Today I am married to a man of God who is deeply rooted in Jesus, and we have been blessed with a son. You have impacted me so much that I share your teachings with all my special needs clients (I transport special needs adults). One has prayed the salvation prayer and even asks to hear your on-demand sermons!

God bless you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace!

Dawn Allen | Wisconsin, United States