Praise Report: Neck Pain Gone while Meditating on the Lord’s Love

I was recently on a vacation with my family in Mexico. While getting ready to head out for an event, I was towel-drying my hair after a shower when I felt something in the back of my neck pop. A severe, sharp pain followed.

The pain did not go away. Thoughts of a possible slipped disc—and even the need for surgery—kept coming to mind.

My family and I then got on a bus for a two-hour ride to the event. On the bus, I began to ponder on God’s love for me. I meditated on how Jesus had already taken whatever was wrong in my neck on His body. I began to find myself quietly humming, “Oh, how He loves me so.”

Still, thoughts of doubt and disqualification kept coming to mind. I wondered what could be wrong with my neck, and I questioned whether I was deserving enough for Jesus’ healing. But as I continued to ponder on the Lord’s love and goodness toward me, the pain in my neck started to leave. By the time we got to the event, the pain was almost completely gone! By the end of that day, I was no longer hurting.

I am so grateful for the teachings I have received from Pastor Prince’s ministry. Learning what Jesus has done for me has been a freeing experience. I now know that receiving from my Abba does not depend on my works or love for Him, but on how much He loves me.

I have been listening to and reading materials by Pastor Prince in the past three years. I have grown closer to my Abba in these three years than in the thirty-six years I have been a Christian. Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, for continuing to share the truth of God’s Word!

Debbie Parrott | North Carolina, United States



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