Praise Report: Neck and lower back pain completely gone

A year ago, I was involved in a car accident. My neck and lower back were affected by the impact, and I was in debilitating pain throughout most of the year. I received physical therapy, chiropractic care, and underwent three procedures—two in my back and one in my neck—to reduce the pain.

About ten months after the accident, I began to feel very discouraged as I seemed to be getting worse even after all the treatment and rest I was receiving. My husband had taken a lot of time off work to help me with our children as I woke up stiff many mornings, not being able to move and needing ice for relief.

One morning, I felt the Lord lead me to receive the Communion and to believe Him for my healing. My husband and I began to partake of the holy Communion together every morning. We happened to have Pastor Joseph Prince’s book Eat Your Way to Life and Health, so I began reading it every morning too.

After just a week, I noticed my pain was completely gone! Today I’ve stopped going for physical therapy and to the chiropractor because I have no more need of them. I have been healed! It has been life-changing to be made aware of what Jesus purchased for me and my family on the cross. We continue to partake of the Communion daily because it is so life-giving to us!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. Your ministry has changed my life and introduced my husband and me to the gospel of grace!

Coryn Epps | California, United States

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