Praise Report: Multiple Liver Conditions Gone

During my annual heath screening, the ultrasound scan picked up the presence of a non-cancerous lump in the liver. This was on top of my pre-existing conditions: liver echogenic lesions (groups of abnormal cells) and fatty liver.

My family and I have been attending New Creation Church for about seven years. We would partake of the Holy Communion regularly at home, trusting in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

About a month after the health screening, Pastor Prince ministered the Lord’s healing and called out liver conditions. I was overjoyed! But my heart sank the moment Pastor Prince said that he was referring to a lady.

Several ladies stood up, and one of them was standing behind me on my left. And when she was being prayed for, I cried out to God and asked that Pastor Prince would also pray the same prayer over me.

Thereafter, Pastor Prince continued with his sermon. But suddenly, he stopped and said that someone had asked God to have him pray over the same condition that he had prayed for over the lady. Pastor Prince asked who that person was.

I stood up and Pastor Prince prayed for me. He also asked God to give me a brand new liver. During the prayer, I could feel a warmth all over my body, and was trembling. Then, Pastor Prince asked me to lay my hand on my abdomen where my liver was, and continue to do so until the warmth dissipated. He went on to share that he saw a vision of me laying hands on myself, and that the same healing that came when Jesus laid hands on the sick was on me too! Only my heavenly Father would know that I have been laying hands on myself whenever I experienced aches in my body.

At my next annual health screening, the results showed that there are no lesions or cysts in my liver, and I no longer have fatty liver! Even my overall cholesterol level had dropped.

My colleagues could not believe the report seeing that I did not change my lifestyle or diet. Indeed when God restores, He restores everything—even a brand new liver! Glory to Jesus!

Anonymous | Singapore

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  • Regina Lynn says:

    I need you to pray for me to help me with my advanced stage cirhossis of the liver and edema. I wish I would have that happen to me 😔

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