Praise Report: Mother Freed From Alzheimer’s Disease After Partaking Holy Communion

My mother was ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease. She was debilitated to the point that she did not recognise her family members. My father told me she was even beginning to wonder who he was at times.

My parents live with me so I could see the daily moment-to-moment struggles and hardship. It was a miserable existence for her as well as for those of us trying to care for her. There were times I just missed my mom and wished to see her well again.

Then one day, my sister shared a praise report with me after following your teaching on the Holy Communion, so I immediately began to partake of the Communion with my mother. Praise God, Jesus has healed her mind and set her free!

My mother went to bed on the third night after receiving the Communion and woke up the next day looking ten years younger. All the things she had forgotten how to do, she is doing again. She remembers who we all are now. She has stopped repeating herself, something she used to do from sun up to sun down and is a complete joy to be around now.

Praise Jesus for His finished work on the cross. We are still rejoicing that she is back. I have asked her about her experience and the best she could describe was that she was lost and trapped but that’s all over now.

I am so happy for my mom and our family. I am writing so that others may have hope from what seems like a disease that offers no hope of recovery. Nothing is too big for the finished work of Christ Jesus and I praise Him for it. Now my mom will ask me if we are going to partake of the Communion, so I partake of it with her every day.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teaching on the finished work of Christ Jesus. It has freed my mother!

Pamela Perez  | Texas, United States

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