Praise Report: Mom and Daughter Protected in Car Accident

Some time ago, my 8-year-old daughter and I were driving to the grocery store. I came to a complete stop at an intersection and waited for the main road to clear so I could proceed.

Suddenly, I heard a loud sound and felt an extreme force hit my car. My airbags were deployed. I didn’t know what happened, but I knew at that moment something had gone really bad. I never saw the car coming my way. There was pure silence in the car and my worst fear went through my mind, Is my daughter okay?

Immediately, I called out for her. To my relief, she responded that she was all right. In tears, she said, “Mom, I saw the car coming our way but an angel appeared and told me to duck down. The angel said we would be okay because we were surrounded by angels!”

Apparently, a car that was turning right into the road I was on came towards my car at high speed (in excess of 90mph). The reckless driver lost control as he made the turn and hit the rear driver’s side of my car—the side my daughter was seated—before speeding off. Besides my daughter, another motorist and a traffic patrol officer witnessed the whole incident and came to my aid.

There is no doubt in my mind that we were saved by the grace of God. Listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons on protection and Psalm 91 revealed many truths to me. I had begun to ask God to protect my family and me under the shadow of His wings every day. It became a phrase I’d confess during my daily prayer time, and I have become witness to its powerful manifestation.

Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Nancy Medina | Florida, United States