Praise Report: Missing Wedding Ring Found

A few weeks back, I had emailed you to ask for prayer as I had lost my wedding ring. It had been missing for three days. This wedding ring has a lot of significance because it was a gift from my husband for our eighth wedding anniversary, and we viewed “8” as the biblical number for new beginnings.

We had just heard and received the revelation of the gospel of grace through reading Pastor Prince’s book, Destined To Reign, and were seeing financial breakthrough where we had previously struggled. The ring was a total surprise and my husband got a supernatural price for italmost nothing over our trade-in. The new ring was a three-carat diamond and I previously had a half-carat diamond. When my husband gave it to me he said that it was a symbol of God’s favor on our marriage and our destiny. So you can imagine my dismay when I lost it!

The first thing I thought was, “See, favor isn’t forever or secure!” I choked back the bad thoughts as I feverishly tried to find the ring. We tore our house apart. The more I searched, the more stressed I became. I remember hearing the Holy Spirit say to me on the inside, “Stop trying to find it, just rest and I will bring it back to you.” This gave me peace for about a day and a half but by the third day, I was in tears again! I was so frantic I cleared my bathroom vanity area three separate times to look for it!

I then left my bathroom and found myself in the bedroom crying. I looked up and said, “Jesus, I know that You love me and You don’t have to help me find my ring to prove that. But BECAUSE You love me, will You bring my ring back to me?” No sooner had I prayed that simple prayer, I found my ring lying on my vanity area when I walked back into the bathroom! Completely shocked, I immediately called my kids in to ask them if they had placed my ring there and they said that they had not. I began crying and praising God because He truly answered my prayer by placing my ring in a spot I had cleared three times before! Jesus brought it back to me like He had promised! Praise You, Jesus, for loving me! Now, my ring symbolizes His grace even more.

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