Praise Report: Missing Children Found Safe And Unharmed

One day in December last year, a Christian friend called to inform me that her two daughters, aged eight and eleven years old, had been declared missing.

There was serious panic and weeping in her voice as she narrated the ordeal to me. The area she was living in was known for serial kidnapping by ritualists.

I encouraged my friend to partake of the Holy Communion as taught by Pastor Prince, and did the same in my house.

After midnight, the kids were still missing. I began to declare their safe return home BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS and mentioned their names specifically in my prayer.

I experienced a great sense of peace after that and was able to go to bed. I left my friend a text message, asking her to notify me once her kids return.

At 10pm the following day, I received a call saying that the kids were safe back home.

The police had found and brought them home after receiving the report of their disappearance.

I really thank God for His grace, the power I have in the name of Jesus, and the power of His blood. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for unveiling Jesus. I am grateful!

Vienney Oputah | Nigeria

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