Praise Report: Miraculously Healed Through Confession Of God’s Word

I am 44 this year and up to recently I’ve never had a natural menstrual cycle since puberty. Doctors couldn’t diagnose the cause for this and suggested that I might have polycystic ovary syndrome. So I had to take birth control pills in order to have a normal menstrual cycle. However, I hated those pills and eventually, I stopped taking them and didn’t have a cycle for years.

I’d erroneously thought that I didn’t have a menstrual cycle because I’d asked God to let me not have a cycle when I was in elementary school. It’s only after listening to Joseph Prince that I realized that this wasn’t God’s will for me because He loves me and delights in prospering me, even in my body.

After I understood God’s desire for me to be healed and the importance of the spoken word, I began speaking blessings over my body. Well, about two years ago, I began to have a menstrual cycle. It started with a one-month long cycle that came about every three months. I continued to speak over my body, that my cycle would be regulated and normal. I also partook of the Holy Communion at times when I remembered.

From December 2011 up until last month, I’ve been having regular monthly menstrual cycles! This is a big deal for me because I don’t personally know of any 44-year-old woman who has just begun her cycle at this age.

I told my doctor and he tried to credit the healing to the medicine—Metformin—that he had prescribed. However, I told him that God had healed me because I wasn’t taking this medicine. In addition, my doctor ran a test on me and could not detect any evidence of polycystic ovary syndrome.

God bless you and continue to use you, Pastor Prince. I have been very blessed by your ministry and what the Holy Spirit speaks through you. I am now excitedly anticipating the blessings to come next.

Rochelle Vaught | North Carolina, US


  • Christine says:

    This is very encouraging. Growing  up I took notice that the ladies in our family including my cousins are big chested and when I saw our new elementary school teacher looking different because she was not, I thought I wanted to be that way when I grow up. When I finally grew up, I grew tall and not at all like the ladies in our family, and because I felt out of place, I thought erroneously that I was small because of that thought back in elementary school. Needless to say, I felt self conscious and lacked self confidence for many  years. My mum was very worried for she couldn’t understand why I was so down.
    Until, the message of grace came to my life and finally realized God’s love for me and that He did not use a family mould to make everyone body the same. He skillfully made me, and my body is exactly what it needed to look like regardless of childhood thought.
    I am very much confident of who I am and love my life now. 
    I thought I was the only one who thought that I was different, because of a childhood ‘prayer’.
    Thanks Rochelle, for sharing and may the Lord bless you even more

  • carol spinner says:

    God is oh so good!

  • Godsway Klu says:

    I want to no God

    • ALEX AOSAJO says:

      Jesus says I am the way., the truth and the life. Accept Him and He will shape your life. Say LORD Jesus, I recognise that I am a sinner. I want to make you Lord and saviour over my life. Remove my name from the book of death and enter it into the book of life. I believe and trust that I am save. I am a new creation. In Jesus name. AMEN.

      Trust God to give you a bible believing church and get a mentor in your new walk with Christ. Tell your friends that you are now saved.


  • nellie says:

    We praise God for the healing . Pastor prince is really a gift and wonder to our generation

  • Lisa Tomlin says:

    I do believe with all my heart God can heal. I want to be healed. I have a huge fibroid tumor in my uterus. Its huge and I do mean HUGE. I look pregnant. I cannot afford to go to the doctor. I get money from my family just so I can pay for food to eat. So how can I go to the doctor. I have insurance just cannot pay for the deductible they demand. I need prayers for God to heal me of this fibroid. For this monster fibroid tumor to shrink. Tell me how to speak blessings over my body so I can be healed.

    • Susan S says:

      Hey, Speaking the Word of God is very important! Proverbs 18:21 says Life and Death are in the power of the tongue and those that love it eat the fruit thereof.
      Speak God’s word over your body. Psalm 103 says that Jesus forgives all our iniquities and heals all our diseases. So say God, You promised that you heal all my diseases according to Psalm 103. Also, read about how Jesus cursed the fig tree. We can do that too with sickness and growths. So you might say something like this. “Just like Jesus cursed the fig tree I curse this fibroid. I command it to shrink in Jesus name. Just keep doing it and thank Him for answering your prayer. Worship only Him. He loves you and wants to heal you.

    • dan says:

      first of all, you need to be born again, only those who are born again enjoy the privileges of this new birth and this include healings ,
      So , place your hand on your chest and declare the Lordship of Jesus over your life, believe it in your heart,that He died to save you.
      Then declare yourself healed in the name of Jesus. GOD’S WORD WORKS !

  • florence maina says:

    i am blessed by everyday bible verses u send me thr facebook ,right now am sick i cant sleep no money to go to hospital my hand is numb and very painful am in kenya plse help in Jesus name

    • Susan S says:

      I pray for Florence in Jesus’ name. I speak to her painful hand and command it to be whole and healed in Jesus name according to Psalm 103…I speak Isaiah 53:5 over her. By Jesus’ strips she is healed. I bless her. You O Lord supply all her needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Amen

  • patricia says:

    Same story i have with menstrual

  • Monicca nono motlhoki says:

    Very encouraging indeed, i am a 28 year old mother of 1 child, although i have had my child on my third year of varsity, my baby daddy felt it was too much since he was at school himself, now he is back in our child’s life but i pray that God reunite us and become a family…
    I also have a honors degree and i havent been able to get a job since i was retrenched two years ago. Please pray for me, my family depended on me and now things are hard, but i know that my God lives!

  • Getrude says:

    In my family hiv is commn .as I speak I have praying to god to heal me. Please agree in prayer with me.

    • Manfred says:

      Jesus has the FIRST and the LAST say.

      In Jesus’s name you do not carry any curse because it has been broken on the cross for you. Sister, receive your renewal and healing and restoration in Jesus’s Name!


    • Manfred says:

      May you Prosper and Be in Good Health, even as your soul prospers! Amen!

    • chabest says:

      He’s your healer nothing is too hard for him. He has done it for me he will do it for you

  • Barbara pendergras says:

    I am also the smallest in my family. Three sisters and my mom everyone is larger than I am. I was often ridiculed by my sister calling me small chested as a young girl really effected me because I always looked up to her. I never told my mother because their were so many of us and she never really had the time. I did not realize how much this was still a problem until I read your story. This is something I will give to God because he would not want me to suffer with this or think I am any less of a person for any reason. Thank you for your truth

  • virginia says:

    our God is faithful if we hearken n to his voice he will heal our disease,,n bless us Deutronomy28:15

  • Grant Ngonyani says:

    Hallelujah,test and see the lord is good how marvelous God is,Paul said in romans,” I thank God that your faith is speaking in all the nations,what faith? You probably think is yours it is the word of God that was mixed with your trust,the moment you say yes lord Jesus your my savior,I was about to explode when Jesus opened my mind and teaching me scripture to scripture,but all this I thank God in Christ whom he loved and gave him to us that through Christ we may also have the son ship and receive all what God planned for us before the creation of earth and for you pastor Prince “for if God could not send Jesus how could we know the truth and if it was not for Jesus to send you how could I know the truth..I have so much to share in Christ who loves US

  • Karen says:

    I ask for healing of depression,diabetes,Thyorid, because by his stripes I am healed.Thank you Jesus for loving me so much you died on the cross for my healing.

  • Steffie says:

    thank you Jesus I am healed by your stripes.I ask healing from depression, anxiety and fear and I also ask for physical health. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.

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