Praise Report: Memory Restored Through Resting In God’s Word

I am sixty-seven years old and had trouble remembering names, such as those of film stars in popular movies. I even had trouble finding the right words to express myself and feared this was the beginning of memory problems.

One day, I opened the refrigerator and found that I had placed something in there that did not belong there.

Apparently, this is a common occurrence for people with memory problems.

You can’t imagine how frightening this was to me—I thought I was facing a future of dementia and the inability to care for myself.

I started taking an expensive medicine that was supposed to help with the condition.

Then I heard Pastor Prince’s sermons about how Jesus had already taken all our infirmities and how we have the mind of Christ.

I decided to stop taking the medicine and simply rely on Jesus’ finished work—I believed He had already purchased my healing on the cross.

Today, my memory is nearly perfect.

I have no trouble recalling names and am even amazed at how I can recall obscure facts and details from decades ago. I am now looking forward to the future with confidence.

I still keep a bottle of the medicine as a reminder of how I have been healed by Christ instead of the medicine.

I have also thrown out other bottles of pills and supplements that I had kept around for other ailments. I realized I didn’t need them anymore; I have a better remedy and it is Jesus.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Arizona, United States

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