Praise Report: Marriage Saved, Husband Transformed

I have been listening to Pastor Prince for ten years now. I came to know about him through my mother and after watching one of his sermons on television late one night when I couldn’t sleep. Initially, I was angry with what my mom shared from Pastor Prince’s teachings. Yet, I was drawn to his words and I couldn’t stop listening even though I did not understand everything he said.

The thing that caught my attention was his teaching that we do not confess our sins in order for God to forgive us. Instead, we confess them knowing we are already forgiven as Christians. Because we have a close relationship with God, we can be honest with Him about what we have done.

I laughed and cried when I realized that. I felt such a closeness with God, a closeness I had never felt before.

I felt euphoria at the thought of not having to go through the time-consuming task of confessing all my sins just to be forgiven. Before that, I had always felt like such an utter disappointment to God even though I loved Him. I’d found it such a challenge trying to please Him. It even seemed easier to pretend that I wasn’t a Christian.

My life changed from that day and I have been growing and loving my walk with God ever since. I went on to learn so many more truths about the Word, God’s love, Jesus, and the real relationship I am supposed to have with Him.

In 2008, I met the man I determined I would marry. He had struggles with his temper and had bitterness from a broken marriage where his ex-wife cheated on him. He had left church with the notion that God was a hard, authoritative God who demanded performance. But I saw a kind spirit who had fallen in love with me and had treated me better than anyone I had ever known. I wanted more than anything to love him through all of his rage, skewed view of God, and unreceptiveness of the teaching of righteousness as a gift.

We married in 2011 and a hard, nasty, awful marriage ensued. On, May 4, 2014, the love of my life—the man who had been cheated on many times in his previous marriage—cheated on me. Even after all the teachings I had received, I couldn’t understand why this man who professed to love me did the very thing that was done to him.

I was preparing myself to leave him when God stepped in an amazing way—my husband told me how sorry he was and prayed with me, something he’d never done willingly before.

We talked and I believe God touched his heart because he told me how he could see me now in a way he never could before.

Since that day more than a year ago, we have watched DVDs of Pastor Joseph Prince every Sunday, and sometimes during the week too. My husband has said so many times since then, “I listened to what he said before and I listened to what you said too, but I just never really heard it.”

He is now a different man. The anger and coldness are gone and there is a joy and a simple happiness in him that never existed. He wakes up happy too and professes his love for me daily. I know that God had performed a miracle that saved my husband and my marriage.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for everything you have done and thank you for listening to God’s prompting. Please count me, my husband, and most of my family members among those whom you have completely changed by your radical grace preaching.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Minnesota, United States


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