Praise Report: Marriage Restored After Prayer

During Pastor Prince’s tour of America recently, my prayer was that during his visit, my marriage would be restored and the blessings would radiate out to other believers in similarly miraculous ways. I was married for thirty-seven years and divorced for ten. I was in daily contact with my ex-husband for those ten years, praying for reconciliation but there was no breakthrough.

Well during Pastor Prince’s visit to America, my ex-husband called me and said we would reconcile. To God be the glory and thanks to you and yours, Pastor Prince. You are a mighty man a valor! Thank you for your love and support through the ministry of God’s great grace!

Kim Finch | Wisconsin, United States


  • Lapame says:

    My marriage is currently on a shaky ground, my husband is not faithful to me, but this testimony encourages me, if God can restor your marriage, I believe the same God will restore mine in Jesus name. Amen

  • Ashwin Gonsalves says:

    My relationship with my beloved girlfriend is getting difficult now it’s been 3 months since we are broke up and she says she won’t come back to me, but this testimony has really filled me with god’s grace and love Amen

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