Praise Report: Major Changes In Son Diagnosed With Autism

Pastor Prince, thank you so much your ministry and your DVD album titled, See The Invisible, Do The Impossible, covering the biblical teaching on visualization. The second sermon in that album, Visualization—New Age Or New Covenant, reminded me of my journey with my son, Joshua, who was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old.

When I first got hold of this message, I was so overwhelmed and excited. I felt the Lord was asking me to keep seeing my son as a normal child in spite of all his symptoms and behavior. He was six at that time.

I started seeing him as a child and teenager with normal behaviour—able to take care of himself, make eye contact with people, and speak normally with his peers and adults. It was not logical in the natural. However, we were not seeing progress in my son even though he was in a special school. His teachers were giving me negative reports about him almost every day. I was at the end of my rope, feeling discouraged and almost hopeless.

The sermon you preached taught me to see my son as a normal person instead of what he was diagnosed as in the natural. It encouraged me to see the bronze serpent instead of fixing my eyes on the serpents.

Praise Jesus! Our Abba is so faithful and gracious toward my beloved son. It has been eight years since I began practicing seeing my son normal in the spirit. I give thanks to our Lord that Joshua has passed his Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in 2013 with a good aggregate of two hundred and twenty-six. Now, he is studying in the express stream in his secondary school. He also travels an hour to his school on his own by public transport daily.

The main change I’ve seen in him is that he has grown into a young man who is able to make friends with his peers and carry out his daily routine independently. All glory to Jesus and thanks a million for your message that transforms our lives!

Goh Sze Mein | Singapore


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  • nellie says:

    I appreciate the autism praise report. My son was also diagnosed with autism and he is now 7yrs old. I equally practice seeing him in his normal growth. I have seen changes in him especially speech
    I pray I will testify like my sister one day. Praise the Lord. Thank you pastor for the message of grace

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