Praise Report: Knowing That I Am The Beloved Brings Success

I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for your ministry. You teach Jesus Christ and Him alone and that has made the difference in my life and in my graphic design business.

My business was failing and around June 2009, I thought about folding it up and looking for a nine to five job. A month later, my mom gave me your book, Destined To Reign, which every believer should read. I hung on to every word and was ecstatic! My mindset about myself, and more importantly, how much God loves me through Jesus Christ, began to change. I began to believe and see that Jesus is my success and that it is not my career that makes me a success.

Well, around the beginning of August 2009, I began to see my business turn around, slowly at first, but now it’s 2010 and business is booming! I am receiving huge royalty checks each month that I would never dream of receiving! The amounts in some checks that I received are more than what some people make in a whole year!

I can honestly say that I love you as a brother and appreciate your ministry. God has called you and I am so thrilled that every day, I can’t wait to listen to your words in my car, on TV and on my computer. Thanking you is just not enough. I am deeply grateful for you and the message you preach and teach! With much love and thanks to you and your family!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Tennessee, USA 

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  • kutemwa says:

    God is still doing great works today!!!! I believe if he can do it for these brothers and sisters he can do it in my life tOo!!!! Through his grace!!! Amen

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