Praise Report: Jesus Restored Life To My Daughter

In September 2011, I came to know of Pastor Prince’s sermons. Since then, I have been consumed by his teachings on the gospel and feel privileged that God brought the truth of grace into my life.

I am a very proud mommy of three beautiful children. On 2 June, we celebrated our baby daughter’s first birthday and invited all of our family members. My sister-in-law was jumping on the trampoline with my eldest daughter, Jaydeen, who is 3 years old. The rest of the family were all seated inside the house.

My sister-in-law double bounced Jaydeen and my daughter fell off the trampoline. When I heard her scream, I ran to her. By the time I held her in my arms, she had already passed out and had stopped breathing. Her body was stiff and lifeless.

I was hysterical and ran screaming to my father and husband, who took her and started trying to revive her. They were not sure what had happened but they tried to revive her by unclenching her jaw and sticking a finger down her throat to check the air passage. They also performed CPR on her and my dad started massaging her heart.

Meanwhile outside, I was still hysterical and my head was doing the math. I was thinking that it had been around eight to 10 minutes that my child had stopped breathing, and I could smell the death. It was the most horrible feeling realizing that my child was gone.

I remember looking at my mom and telling her that we need to pray and that we need to pray now! We went down on our knees in the middle of my garden. I remember seeing the cross in my mind and all I prayed was, “Please, Lord Jesus.” At that very moment, my daughter started breathing!

I only managed to take Jaydeen to the doctor a week later because my baby daughter had fallen sick during this time. While waiting in the doctor’s room, I prayed for Jaydeen to be 100 percent whole. The doctor, who did not believe my story when I told him what had happened, checked my daughter and told me in the very words I had prayed thatshe is 100 percent whole.”

Every person I have told this story to, including doctors, did not believe my testimony because to them my daughter should be dead, or at least brain-dead. I want people to know that Jesus gave life to my daughter. I was hysterical and was not thinking straight. I was filled with fear so my faith was not at its highest, and yet those three words my mom and I prayed were all that was needed.

Jesus hears all our prayers and He performs miracles! Praise God!

Rayleen Badenhorst | South Africa


  • Sylvester says:

    wow! I believe.. that’s wow wow..thank you Jesus <3 ^-^

  • Audrey Achieng' says:

    Its an awesome GOD we worship! What an amazing testimony, reminds me of a sermon Joseph Prince taught, he said a heartfelt groan uttered in a moment of pain is a powerful prayer. Praise the LORD JESUS!!!

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