Praise Report: Irregular Growth On Face Disappeared After Confessing God’s Word

For several years, I had a growth on my face that concerned me. It first looked like an ordinary freckle or mole, but began to grow into an irregular shape and became raised. The thought of skin cancer was at the back of my mind.

I began to embrace teachings from preachers such as Joseph Prince and learned that God’s Word has power to destroy and remove the growth. I began to curse the growth and command it to be plucked up by its root and cast into the sea.

However, the growth became worse and started to bleed and scab. Even though I felt fearful, I refused to speak my fears. Instead, I continued to curse it daily.

When the growth got itchy, I couldn’t help but scratch it. Each time I did, small pieces of skin would come off and the area would bleed. Every day, I would confess that not a scar would be left behind.

Gradually, the growth became smaller and smaller until it disappeared. There is now NO SIGN that it was ever there—not a scar, red mark, nothing!

Praise God! His Word is powerful and does not return to Him void.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | California, United States


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