Praise Report: Instantly Healed Of Pain In Body After Declaring Scripture

Pastor Prince, I have been attending your Grace Revolution Church in Dallas, Texas, for over a year now and what a blessing it has been in my life!

I used to serve in another church and always thought that my works would merit God’s approval.

Whenever I didn’t turn up in church, I would feel condemned and believe I had fallen short in my walk with God.

While attending your service one Sunday, you shared a personal account of how you were under attack from the enemy.

You said you proclaimed and declared 2 Timothy 4:18—“the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom” —after which the attack left and never returned.

At that time, I had been feeling pain in the midsection of my body because I had walked into a part of the church building.

I had to get up several times to relieve the pain and even thought of going home.

But after hearing what you said, I sat down and declared 2 Timothy 4:18 over my body. The pain left and I could enjoy the rest of your message without any discomfort!

I would also like to share that I have been experiencing God’s spiritual and practical blessings in my life since I started listening to your grace messages and learned to rest in Jesus’ finished work.

Today, I give to the church with a willing and cheerful heart because I know God loves me and that I am righteous in Christ.

Thank you, Pastor Prince. May God bless you, your family, and your ministry!

David Camarillo | Texas, United States

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