Praise Report: Impacted By God’s Love, Inspired To Pursue Dreams

Pastor Prince, I have just finished reading your book, The Power Of Right Believing, and cannot begin to count all the blessings I have received through it. It’s simply divine!

As I read your book, God would minister to me and I would burst into tears, feeling the release of the oppression I had carried in my heart.

I literally felt as if God was extending His hand from heaven and operating inside my heart, cleansing it from the old, dark, and painful past memories based on lies from the devil.

I was supposed to be a stillborn baby, but was miraculously saved by God. I lived as a very shy and introverted little girl, finding solace in my imagination and in nature. I preferred to run to my imagination because I didn’t like the family environment I grew up in.

From a very young age, I grew up feeling unwanted and believing I was nothing but a burden to my family. I recognized myself in the testimony about Lydia from South Africa (Chapter 19)—I knew exactly what she had gone through and cried all through while reading her story in the book. Unlike her, however, I have no inspiration for studies as I am more musically inclined—God has given me the gift of singing, playing the guitar and composing my own songs. He also gifted me with painting and acting.

I have not been able to succeed as an accomplished artist yet, and now I know, it’s all because of the lies I believed while growing up. Thanks to The Power Of Right Believing, my mind is being renewed to the truth of God’s Word.

Just this morning, I was inspired to write a new song after reading your daily devotional and meditation. You shared about how your daughter calls out “daddy” when she needs you and that’s how to speak to our Father. This is why my new song is entitled, I Call Upon My Daddy.

I pray that God will open the door for me to have this song recorded so that people can be impacted and transformed by His love.

God bless you and your family, dearest Pastor Prince, and thank you from the bottom of my soul.

Josiane Doummar | Canada

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  • Praise you my King JESUS! And For this beautiful testimony.

    There are still places in America , especially small towns who believe the scripture

    Romans 5:20

    Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:
    But they say and even give praise our Lord that they have the law so that their sin will show(abound) and they will see and know they are just old sinners saved by grace and have the need of a savior. And they still preach that they are goverened by the law to “keep” them straight.. Pastor Prince and others do you see what I’m saying? These are precious people who are saved still believing they are under law because it is the law that cause the offense to abound believing that this is a good thing, even though they are already born again Christians. That feeling condemned by law is wonderful and keeps them ” humbly under grace”. In other words they believe that being under condemnation of the law to show us our need for our savior Christ JESUS is what keeps us under grace. This is the dangerous mixture of law and grace. They act as if and believe as if we must remain under law I order to be under grace. Like His Grace is somehow lesser than law or GRACE is only grace when it “comes” with law ; therefore mixing the two. Like all grace is ” the glue that connects us to the Lord through His law.” This teaching makes me very sad because It is still, so blinding so many of my Lords precious precious people. It’s has been so pronounced in local churches that it’s as a cancer to The Bride, The body of Christ… HELP LORD; RESTORE LORD, RESTORE!

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