Praise Report: Husband Blessed With Dream Job

First of all, I thank God for Pastor Joseph Prince and his ministry. I have been blessed by his grace messages.

My husband was jobless for the past 10 months. This worried me so much, I used to get panic attacks. During that time, we happened to listen to one of Pastor Joseph Prince’s messages where he quoted Matthew 6:26–31, which tells us not to worry about anything as my Abba in heaven will take care of everything we need. That message changed us.

Instead of panicking, we started resting at Jesus’ feet and fed on Him and His Word. We started to encourage each other with the Word of God. We started to enjoy the Lord’s presence and let go of all our worries. One day, my husband received a call from a reputable company and they offered him a joba dream job that he had been looking for for the past eight years.

All glory to JESUS! Thank You!

Smitha George | India

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