Praise Report: Husband and Wife Blessed with Good Jobs after Discovering the Grace of God

About a year ago, I wrote to Joseph Prince Ministries asking for prayers for my husband and me. We were struggling financially and emotionally.We both worked as online freelancers but did not earn enough for our monthly expenses. Most of the time we just stayed home to save money and were always worried about what would happen the next day. To add to that, as an online freelancer, it’s a problem when our computers stop working. We had to depend on my mom-in-law until we could buy a new one.

My husband and I fought at times and I would cry every day. I always felt that people were judging us, even some of our relatives. I even felt symptoms in my body because of my worries.

When I learned that I have a Father in heaven who loves us very much, I began to believe that if He loves me that much by sending His only Son to die on the cross for me, then He will help me with anything I ask of Him in Jesus’ name.

My husband and I began to pray and declare every day that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. All the burdens lifted and we felt like we didn’t have to worry about anything anymore. We started believing that everything was in our Father’s hands.

One day, my husband was asked for an interview for a new online job with a good salary and a permanent position. He passed the interview and got the job. Then I got a new job too, one that I enjoy. What an amazing God we have!

We’re both making more than enough now. God has been filling our banks and we can buy more food and things that we couldn’t buy before. He even gave me a new computer and we are able to bless our relatives with gifts.

It’s truly wonderful when we know what God is to us. He has been our Provider, Healer, Friend, Counsellor, Father—everything we need in this life. We feel so loved and cared for! Father God is the best Father ever! Praises and glory to Him forever!

Anonymous | Philippines


  • Tebogo Gawu says:

    Good day

    I am writing this letter from South Africa, Pretoria in Centurion, I can relate to this story, my husband and I are currently in the same position, I am unemployed and my husband is the only one working, and we have four kids, its so hard since we are unable to pay all our Dept’s and we owe so many people even our kids schools, we struggling to buy food in the house, my kids pray everyday for God to bless us and I believe God Love our family and he is on our side.
    I went for an interview two weeks back and I haven’t received feedback yet, I am asking for prayers that I get a Job and for my husband to also get a Job that pays more than what he’s getting now.

    All Glory be to God

    Thank you
    Tebogo Gawu

  • Phil says:

    Relating to the above i also ask Father God to bless me with a job where i can provide for my family and also save up to construct my house. Amen

  • Abbey James says:

    Also relating to the above,Father enlarge my coast from not enough (to provide for my family needs: children school fees,house rent,debts) to more than enough.
    Father establish my wife business and gives us our own home.
    As I pray in Jesus name.Amen.
    Thank you Jesus

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