Praise Report: Hope Renewed About The Rapture And Jesus’ Second Coming

From where I live, there are very few teachings about the blessed hope—the rapture and the Lord’s second coming. Instead, there are often messages about death and bracing ourselves for unforeseen negative circumstances. These messages have really discouraged me.

I have looked up Bible passages about the rapture and our Lord’s assurance of His return. Hearing Pastor Prince preach on both topics has also nourished my heart, mind, and soul. He shares Spirit-filled interpretations of the Bible and preaches the Word with depth.

I have learned so much from Pastor Prince’s sermons and have even prayed with him and proclaimed “Amen” and “thank You, Jesus!” while listening. May he continue to preach the gospel truth as it is very much needed in this world today. Thank you so much, Pastor Prince.

Linda Sue Hagood | Illinois, United States

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  • Kok keng Ang says:

    I am blessed listening to Joseph Prince sermons.The rapture and the second coming of Christ are two different events and I am thankful and grateful JP,anointed by the Holy Spirit,explained it well. I was always confused,thanks to Jesus,JP taught me,and the Holy Spirit gave me understanding.

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