Praise Report: Her Life Partner Showed Up In A Most Unexpected Way!

I listened to Joseph Prince’s Straight Talk To Cool Singles message and was liberated from erroneous teachings I had heard before on whom to marry.

As a single lady, I talked to my Abba Father and told Him I would really like to have a husband who loves to listen to Joseph Prince, like I do.

One day, I was reading my Joseph Prince daily devotional on Facebook and posted a comment about the devotional on my wall. A random guy happened to be reading the devotional at the same time, liked my comment, and subsequently requested to be my friend. I accepted his request reluctantly as he was a stranger to me.

Two months after accepting him as my friend on Facebook, he sent me a message and told me he is from Baltimore too. He is looking for a church where the grace message is preached. I invited him to my church as my pastor has been listening to Joseph Prince’s messages and has been impacted by the gospel of grace.

To cut the story short, we will be getting married soon, and just like how God gave Ruth favor with Boaz, God put me in the right place at the right time where the happening was happening! I thought I had a big collection of Joseph Prince’s sermons but my boyfriend has teachings as far back as 2004. Our favorite is the Holy Communion DVD package.

To Jesus be the glory! Amen!

Millie Ngatia | Maryland, US



  • maybe you should start a dating website service?? 😉 I love your inspired teaching.
    God bless you . Please pray for me-i need a financial miracle.
    big time.

    • gretchen says:

      I love this story!!!!!!! I too love to listen to Joseph Prince and it would be awesome to meet someone here as a friend, that listens to him as well!

  • I enjoy JOSEPH PRINCE, This an is a extraordinary teacher every time I have listing to him I learn.

  • Anitaboye says:

    Am blessed by this testimony. I believe God for a divine arrangement too.

  • Phelelani says:

    I need a prayer to be delivered for the bondage of sexual weaknesess and for life patern,and decent job

    • Jocelyn says:

      Read a mind set free (overcoming mental strongholds through biblical meditation). Its by Jimmy Evans. I’m in agreement with you for your deliverance, mate, and job. Be blessed and remember God loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it ☺

  • Andiswa Mdletye says:

    Wow that testimony inspires me. God showed me who my husband is and I have been impatiently waiting for him to make contact or for something to happen but 3 months later still nothing. Today was one of those days I felt maybe I heard wrong I should just stop kidding myself after all this man is someone I went to primary school with. After this am motivated to wait on my Dad’s timing. He knows best. To Jesus be the glory. Andiswa Mdletye RSA, Johannesburg

    • gretchen says:

      Its hard to be patient, I totally understand! Ever hear this, God grant me patience, but HURRY! Lol. That would be me!

  • I pray for stronger faith,like all you folks,and thank our dear Lord for answering prayers.I pray he will answer mine too one day. Thank God for Mr Joseph Prince and his most revealing sermons ,and thst one day I will be able to hear the full sermons that he teaches

  • Whitney says:

    Awww! Such a beautiful story that only our God Jesus could write!! Congratulations sister and brother!! I’m so happy for you both!

  • Kwame Owusu Ampadu says:

    May your marriage be most glorious

  • Michael Efe. U. says:

    I am uplifted. the praise report has now inspired hope in me. about getting a partner, people of common faith are easily attracted. i known my is not different. praise God , for i am complete in him.

    • Angel says:

      Praise God. Marriage is like a teeter-totter. Changes in one spouse impact the other. That means a better marriage can begin with you.
      Mark10: 9
      “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate”.
      Millie: May this God’s word bless your beautiful marriage, you have been joined together under God, don’t let anyone or anything separate your love for each other in Mighty Jesus Christ Name Amen.

  • Annemarie says:

    Please pray for me to have a solemate in my li fe too? A man from God!

  • Sindy says:

    I have been single for about nine years. And been waiting on God to bring me a Good Loving Christian Man. I dont date i dont go looking around just raising my two kids and taking care of my mom and working. Waiting for the right man to come along

  • Sharon Premela vasudev says:

    I thank God for all my blessings But Am Still waiting for my life partner. Please Pray for me to meet my godly man! My trust Is on the Lord Jesus! Stand in faith with me! Thank u Pastor Prince! 15 Years on NCC. Shalom

  • Elke M. says:

    I want that too!Do it for me Jesus Amen

  • Ninfa M says:

    My God my Savior. I’m just waiting for God to send the wright one!

  • Amit Pandey says:

    Hope never Jesus is our hope…psalms 91:1,2

  • Doreen says:

    I am praying for a life partner and I believe my Abba daddy will send him my way, I ask the Lord to send me one who is loving and kind and who is a grace believer because I want all of my life to be grace centered.

  • Wow. Fantastic testimony. May your joy increase daily. Amen

  • Upendo says:

    That is wonderful always when you believe in God.. nothing will go wrong.. im so happy for sister may our good Lord make your dreams come througt this testmon i will receive my life partner in Jesus name amen.

  • Upendo says:

    Pastor Prince praiy for me as well.. so that i can receive all my desire of my heart.. God bless you with your family..

  • keneuwe says:

    Wow congradulations my lady,i pray to God that I also find my way to happiness n most special moments in life

  • Eno says:

    God is still doing mighty things. Thank God for d ministry of Pst Joseph Prince, its a perculiar one n I have been truly blessed by his teachings here in Nigeria. The message of grace is so liberating. God bless ur ministry sir.

  • monch velasco calupe says:

    i pray that God will arrange evrything for me….i pray for extraordinary things will happen to me.

  • Lidia says:

    Need chain prayer for my Husban Pedro Ferrel Lopez so he could get stronger In God and he could be a believer and a server of our lord Jesus Christ. And to rebuke the lusty spirittgat makes him to look for someone else 😔 I seclare and decreed Victory in my marriage that no one could come between us in Jesus name. 😍🙏🙏🙏

  • Hien says:

    hello! yeah that is a great testimony, but for many people just don’t want to believe anymore. i am drawing closer to God because I have been so tireed of dealing with men that just don’t want compassionate for the love of God! God knows who i am going to end up with in his mighty name. i have many chasers but we will see who will be at the very end. He has given me the gift of insight. thank you lord jesus

  • Mizzcute says:

    I pray that God will put me in that position too..

  • Nana F says:

    Wow congratulations lady!! I pray Abba Father connects me with my divine life partner who loves the Lord with all his heart. I pray the will of the Lord be done in my life Amen 🙏

  • Pastor JOSEPH PRINCE i thank you for the message of Grace that you have and are still sharing too the children of God. Through your teachings my life has been transformed by the grace of God. i leave a happy life, sleep peacefully ever since i started watching your message and i know and fill loved by the father. thank you
    I believe God for a life partner as well, and i know he will come in his right time. thank you father.

  • asio anna says:

    Congs Sister, i have been inspired and touched, indeed at the right time the Good Lord provides all our hearts’ desires and May the Lord Bless your marriage and i claim for the same connection too. Our God is Faithful HE never sleeps nor slumber.

  • Nankya Betty says:

    God can do a miracle any time.He is the best divine connector i have ever seen. Wish you success in your marriage.

  • paul gentil says:

    I really like Joseph Prince sermons.I am from Rwanda.I am actually reading one of his books”destined to reign”one of the quotes that I liked is this:God gave the devil a PHD(Permanent Head Damage).The world is blessed for having pastor Joseph Prince a person preaching grace in his fullness and full of the Holy Spirit,Prince I really like you hopefully I will meet you in life.

  • Bramwel Meshack says:

    That’s awesome, glory to God.

  • Halima Isa says:

    Peace of the Lord,I give God all the glory for answers to our prayers. Our nephew who was kidnapped last week was released,on 6/7/15,when they saw Bible in his bag . Thank you all for your prayers. Remain blessed

  • Elo says:

    What an awesome God we serve. This is truly encouraging.

  • Janice says:

    Great testimony,praise God!

  • Sara says:

    This is an awesome testimony. I’m also praying to be happily married someday. Before I read this, I was just thinking about how It would be nice if had a forum so people can meet here and discuss what they learned in sermons and meet new friends. Especially if you don’t go to a church with such anointed and encouraging teaching. I just joined this site and I don’t think there is anything like it yet? I mean something apart from Facebook (to help those that don’t use fb as well)… like a site only dedicated to believers who watch Joseph Prince. It doesn’t have to be a dating site because I’m not sure about that idea. It should be a general site to just meet people because there will probably be relationships that form as a result anyway. Well, I would love to meet quality friends (emphasis on the word quality). I need non judgmental friends who can understand what I am going through and who I can also help in their time of need. Anyway.. I’m going to continue to believe God. He will provide.

  • Chinyere Iwuala says:

    I bless God for dat morning I tuned in to Joseph Prince on tv in 2013. My life has changed for good. Congrats for ur testimony nd I tap into it in d Name of Jesus for a godly life partner who has d gospel of grace like I do nd even more. Amen. Thank ABBA FATHER!

  • Chinyere Iwuala says:

    I bless God for dat morning I tuned in to Joseph Prince on tv in 2013 here in Nigeria. My life has changed for good. Congrats for ur testimony nd I tap into it in d Name of Jesus for a godly life partner who has d gospel of grace like I do nd even more. Amen. Thank ABBA FATHER!

  • Matchfinder says:

    Super! Happy married life!!

  • Vivahsanyog says:

    Vivahsanyog wishes you a happy married life

  • Vivahsanyog says:

    We wish you a happy married life

  • Paul GodsBeloved Mwaùra says:

    Millie is such a gracious lady. After reading this praise report, we became friends and she sent me the album “FINDING YOUR LIFE PARTNER” all the way from the US. (am in Kenya). Trusting Daddy for a life partner who loves to listen to Joseph Prince too.
    All glory to our all together lovely One, our Lord Jesus.

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