Praise Report: Healthy Pregnancy With No High Blood Pressure

I’ve always been very healthy and I gave birth to my first two children without any problems. However, this changed when I gave birth to my third child in 2007.

Six days after she was born, I had to visit the doctor because my ribs were hurting. The doctor and nurse who checked me were alarmed as they’d discovered that my blood pressure had skyrocketed and I was hospitalized immediately. It was very scary for me as I knew nothing about high blood pressure except that I might have a stroke or heart attack any minute.

I went through several tests but when nothing conclusive turned up, I was released and put on blood pressure medication. Over the next year, I was determined to get off the medication.

It was at this time that I started watching Joseph Prince.

As I heard the grace messages, I began viewing our Savior in a different way from the way I’d seen Him before. I also took the Holy Communion in a different way from what I was used to.

The Lord started giving me answers about blood pressure and health by bringing the right people to cross my path. He gave me answers about my diet and how to eat more healthily. He also showed me natural ways to provide my body with what it was lacking.

Over time, I started to feel more peaceful. I had never felt that kind of peace inside me before. I couldn’t even get worked up about petty stuff that used to get to me even if I tried. Jesus was transforming me! Even my husband said he noticed that I am calmer than before.

I still had some fear though, especially when the time came to have my blood pressure taken. In fact, I would feel the fear rise up and I would go into a panic. I was fearful that what the Lord had transformed me into would all get swept away if that blood pressure reading was to be high.

One month in 2011, I was very late in my menstrual cycle, which was unusual as I was never late. I took several pregnancy tests but they turned up negative. I did not want to go to the doctor because I knew they would check my blood pressure. That time, the fear was overwhelming.

I kept hearing the voice of the Lord saying that I was already healed, but it just hadn’t become truth to me yet. But I finally went to the doctor. I prayed in tongues all the way there and in my head while they were checking my blood pressure. It was a great blood pressure reading—not high at all! The pregnancy test was negative and that night I started menstruating.

I saw through this episode how the Lord had really healed me, how He didn’t want me to live in fear but to be completely free.

Then last summer, I began pining for another baby I told the Lord that I wanted Him to take care of me and keep me very healthy and not let my blood pressure go up.

The Lord answered my prayer and I just gave birth to my fourth child more than a month ago! I had a very quick labor and delivery. Everything went perfectly! My son was born a healthy baby weighing 7lbs14oz.

My blood pressure was great during the whole pregnancy although I did have a blood pressure spike six days postpartum, and had to be put on medication. However, my husband kept reminding me that the Lord was taking care of me and He would not let me have a stroke.

Last week, I had a great blood pressure reading. I went to the doctor and she decreased the dosage of my medicine by half. I am now on a very low dose of medication and still having great blood pressure readings even when the medication wears off. Thank You, Lord!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Michigan, US

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