Praise Report: Healthy and Having More than Enough through Right Believing

My husband and I were taught since our college days to work hard to please God. But after our marriage, we found ourselves disillusioned because our striving to please God was not producing any results. We were sick, in lack, and totally discouraged.

In 2011, we started listening to Pastor Prince and learned how wrong doctrine can put us in bondage. We grew in faith and started seeing results as we kept hearing and resting in Jesus’ finished work at the cross. We moved from having just enough to having more than enough in all areas.

We partook of the Holy Communion regularly and were so blessed. My husband was healed of all the skeletal pains and aches he had. My two kids did not need the pediatrician any more. In 2016 God brought us abroad and blessed us beyond our imagination. We also introduced many people to Pastor Prince’s teachings and started our own prayer ministry.

We are so thankful to God and grateful to you, Pastor Prince. We are also partners with your ministry. God bless you!

Supriya Vigy | Qatar

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