Praise Report: Healings In Hospital After Ministering Holy Communion

My wife and I were greatly impacted after viewing Pastor Joseph Prince’s DVD on the Holy Communion. It changed the way we saw the blood and body of Christ and we decided to put what we learned in those teachings into practice as care pastors for our church.

Whenever we visited the sick in our local hospital to pray for them, we made it a point to partake of the Holy Communion with the patients and anoint them with oil.

We have seen many more healings take place because of this.

During one of our visits, a lady whom we prayed for and took Communion with had just been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her throat. The tumor was the size of a large orange and it hurt so much she was unable to speak. We left the hospital after being told that she was going to be operated on that afternoon.

We later learned that thirty minutes after we left, the lady started coughing and she coughed up a thick black liquid. Together with that liquid was a very large lump. The nursing staff cleaned her up and the doctors took her blood and tested it again.

But this time, they could not find cancer cells in her body. She was released two days later, cancer free in the name of Jesus!

On the same day that the lady coughed up the lump, we also prayed for seven others who were very sick in the same ward and they were released that very same day, healed.

The next day, we prayed for another five people and they too were healed and released the next day. But best of all, we had four people who committed their lives to Jesus.

Jesus indeed does reign and live in us. Amen!

Trevor Simmonds | South Africa

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