Praise Report: Healing And Restoration Of Friendship

In 2015, when I heard Pastor Joseph Prince say that it was going to be a year of restoration and that God would restore the years the locusts have eaten, I claimed that promise with faith.

By the grace of God, I have seen tremendous blessings, new beginnings, and restoration in my relationship with a dear friend. Our friendship has grown so much. We’re talking more than we ever did in the past eight years so that we’ve become really good friends. I am so thankful to Jesus for all the tremendous healing and restoration He has brought for my dear friend and me.

What man can’t do, God can.

Apart from that, God has also restored my finances. Being a full-time student, I used to struggle to find sufficient money for my needs. But by the grace of God, I have been blessed with many freelance jobs that pay well. Now I always have more than enough money.

There are other areas of my life I am believing God for restoration. I believe He will exceed my expectations. All praise and glory to Jesus!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Malaysia

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